Groupe Grimaud La Corbiere 14.94%
Bpifrance Participations SA 8.13%
MVM Funds 8.67%
Management and Employees 0.81%
Other Registered Shareholders 1.21%
Free Float 66.24%
Percentages based on number of ordinary shares

Valneva’s share capital is composed of:

  • 91 743 248 ordinary shares (ISIN FR0004056851), with a par value of €0.15;
  • 20 514 preferred shares (unlisted and non-transferable) convertible into ordinary shares, with a par value of €0.15.

Note: In accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association, and in the absence of achievement of the conversion condition provided for in such Articles, Valneva SE’s preferred shares (ISIN FR0011472943) which were issued in the 2013 merger with Intercell AG, have been redeemed at their par value of €0.01 per share within ten working days after May 28, 2020, then cancelled.

> Press releases dated May 29, 2020 and June 11, 2020.