Groupe Grimaud La Corbiere 9.32%
CDC (Bpifrance Participations, CDC Croissance and CNP Assurances) 8.56%
Deep Track Capital 5.81%
Pfizer Inc. 6.87%
Executive Corporate Officers and Employees 0.88%
Other Registered Shareholders 0.71%
Free Float 67.85%
Percentages based on the total number of Valneva shares; Information as of January 31, 2024 - To the Company's knowledge.

Valneva’s share capital is comprised of 138,912,142 ordinary shares (*) (ISIN FR0004056851), with a par value of €0.15.

(*) including 2,285,862 ordinary shares under the form of 1,142,931 American Depositary Shares (ADS), each ADS representing two ordinary shares of the Company (information as at January 31, 2024).