Corporate Governance Documents

Commitment to the best Corporate Governance Practice

The members of the Valneva Board of Directors are committed to managing the company transparently, in accordance with the French Middlenext Governance Code for Small and Medium capitalization companies, high ethical standards and focused on long-term value creation.

We believe that good Corporate Governance is the basis for the trust that we have from our investors, from institutions, and from our employees and that it will continue to strengthen this confidence in the future.

Middlenext Governance Code for Small and Medium capitalization companies

The Code in its current version can be viewed at

Valneva emphasizes talent management, meaning that employees will be gradually trained for further responsibilities. Performance management is another factor in acknowledging the outstanding work of its team and indicates the high motivation and dedication of its employees. Valneva is committed to its employees and acknowledges them as the most important factor for the company’s success.

This commitment to people starts by creating a lively, open and friendly working environment. Striving to maintain a broad diversity throughout the entire company, Valneva sees the contributions of the broad origin of all its employees as a key asset to its future success, which further translates to the individual themselves.

Board of Directors Committee Membership

Member Audit, Compliance, and Risk Committee Nomination, Governance, and Compensation Committee ESG Committee Scientific Committee
Anne-Marie Graffin X(Chair)
Bpifrance Participations (represented by  Maïlys Ferrere) X
Danièle Guyot-Caparros X
Kathrin Jansen X X(Chair)
Thomas Lingelbach X(Chair) X
James Sulat X(Chair) X
James Edward Connolly X X